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Uncle Sam’s House of Drums

Where orphan drums are part of the music and part of the family.

Uncle Sam’s House of Drums • Templeton, MA 01468 • (978) 730-8267 • sam@shootthemoon.us

Uncle Sam’s House of Drums • Templeton, MA 01468 • (978) 730-8267

Uncle Sam’s approach to drumming is simple. “It’s not your drum set, it’s your skill set.”

Uncle Sam’s House of Drums is a perfect environment for drummers of all ages to study, practice, and record drums. As curator and resident drummer with over 40 years of recording and touring experience, Uncle Sam Jodrey offers valuable life lessons in the art of drums.

Uncle Sam’s goal as a coach is to mentor practicing musicians in order to increase their chances of surviving and succeeding in the ever changing world of rock n’ roll. Uncle Sam teaches young drummers how to build skills both mentally and physically, he works with older drummers to break bad habits and maintain chops, and he trains rusty drummers to help them get greasy.

Drum Lessons For Kids

Want to encourage your kids to put down the device and pick up an instrument? Uncle Sam’s House of Drums is a great place for kids to get loud and parents to find peace of mind. Amenities include fully furnished waiting rooms with WiFi, cable, music library, plus a beautiful wooded landscape near streams and ponds with a fire pit, hiking trails, wild blueberries, and plenty of fresh air.

Drums For Rehearsals & Recordings

If you need to workout some new material, run the set for an upcoming gig, or write and record your next album, Uncle Sam’s House of Drums is the place! Uncle Sam’s House of Drums is stocked with a wide variety of drum sizes and hardware so drummers can try out different sounds and kit configurations. Uncle Sam also has band gear and a PA system available for full group rehearsals, recordings and intimate live performances.

Drumming For Fun & Fitness

Have you always wanted to try playing drums? You’re never too old to rock n’ roll. Drumming isn’t just for making music, playing drums regularly is a healthy exercise routine for the mind and body. Come tune up and tone up at Uncle Sam’s House of Drums, it beats joggin’.

Call (978) 730-8267 to leave a voicemail or email sam@shootthemoon.us to schedule a visit or virtual meeting.

Uncle Sam also makes house calls all over New England!

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