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Blues Artist of the Year!

Same Old Blues Again…


Boston Music Awards nominate The Silks for 2019 “Blues Artist of the Year”

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Boston Music Awards nominate The Silks for 2018 “Blues Artist of the Year”

Let’s go for a three-peat!

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Boston Music Awards

Thanks to you, we did it again!
2017 Boston Music Awards “Blues Artist of the Year” – The Silks

The Silks are nominated for “Blues Artist of the Year” in the 2017 Boston Music Awards!

2017 Boston Music Awards

Thanks to YOU – The Silks were nominated for a Boston Music Award!

When we found out The Silks were nominated for a Boston Music Award we almost couldn’t believe it. Then when we found out The Silks were nominated for “Blues Artist of the Year” we seriously could not believe it. The Boston Music Scene has a deep history and is loaded with extremely talented singers, songwriters, bands, duos, you name it, Boston’s got it. An artist is lucky enough to find a parking spot in this town let alone receive an award for making music! To be recognized along side so many great musicians and given the opportunity to attend the Boston Music Awards at the world famous House Of Blues on Lansdowne Street across from Fenway Park’s Green Monster was to be a very proud moment for this humble little “bar band” who dares to dream big. We could hardly wait for it to happen! A night out on the town with The Silks and all we have to lift is drinks? Let’s do this!

2016 Boston Music Awards

Thanks to YOU – The Silks were nominated for Blues Artist of the Year!

On the evening of December 8th 2016 The Silks suited up and hit the town not expecting to win an award, but simply to have a good time, enjoy some good music and look good doin’ it. We walked the black carpet in style, Jonas sipping his Bulleit, Sam swiggin’ his Jack, and Cowboy Tyler-James with the lovely Lady Jess Powers on his arm. Drinks were flowin’, nods were given, and laughs were shared, everything was cool as cool could be. Then something remarkable happened. They announced the nominees for Blues Artist of the Year, we heard our name over the PA, saw our photo on the big screen and thought well that was pretty damn cool, who needs a drink?… Then the winner was announced… Blues Artist of the Year – The Silks!

GASP! Holy sh*t! Are you f*cking kidding me? We won? There were some heavy hitters on that nominee list! OMG!

* * * * * * * * * * * HUGS * * * * * * * * * * *

cowboy & lady boston music awardsblues artist of the year boston music awards 2016

Thanks to YOU – The Silks won “Blues Artist of the Year” at the 2016 Boston Music Awards!

Thanks to everyone on the BMA nominating committee who through our hat in the ring. Thank you to our friends, family, fans and everyone who voted for us! We really did not expect to win. We’re overcome with gratitude for all the support you’ve given us over the years, we are so fortunate for it. We love you! Huge congratulations to our friends Julie Rhodes, Randi Ellen Millman, Oldjack and Ruby Rose Fox who also took home well deserved BMAs. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be in such great company!

2016 Blues Artist of the Year

Here’s a complete list of Boston Music Award winners of “Blues Artist of the Year”

1987 – Roomful of Blues

1988 – Roomful of Blues

1989 – Duke Robillard & The Duke Robbilard Band

1990 – The Duke Robillard Band

1991 – Roomful Of Blues

1992 – Chris Smither

1993 – Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

1994 – Mighty Sam McClain

1995 – Monster Mike Welch Band

1996 – Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

1997 – No BMAs

1998 – Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

1999 – Susan Tedeschi

2000 – Susan Tedeschi

2001 – Susan Tedeschi

2002 – Weepin’ Willie

2003 – Susan Tedeschi

2004 – Susan Tedeschi

2005 – Susan Tedeschi

2006 – Peter Gammons

2007 – Eli Paperboy Reed

2008 – David Maxwell

2009 – David Maxwell

2010 – Johnny A

2011 – Roomful Of Blues

2012 – Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers

2013 – Barrett Anderson

2014 – Gracie Curran And The High Falutin’ Band

2015 – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages

2016 – The Silks

2017 – The Silks

Thanks to YOU – The Silks are officially part of Boston Music History!

The Silks

Boston Music Awards