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The Silks Rock N Roll Paraphernalia

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Live Bootleg

the silks live bootleg

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The Silks LIVE!
10 Song Digipack includes:

1. Home Again (live)
2. All in the Family (live)
3. Mud Money (live)
4. Live and Learn (live)
5. Rollin’ Wheel (live)
6. Take Me to Town (live)
7. Blue (live)
8. Mountain Man (live)
9. Let It Ride (live)
10. Mean Ol’ Woman (live)

Turn Me On

The Silks 'Turn Me On'

Turn Me On
8 Song Digipack includes:

1. Let It Ride
2. Home Again
3. Live And Learn
4. Rollin’ Wheel
5. Take Me To Town
6. Blue
7. Get Up And Get Free
8. All Day


Download Includes:

1 Let It Ride
2 Down at the Heel
3 Try All You Want
4 Mountain Man
5 Make It Easy (Live at the Outlaw Roadshow Sessions, 2014)
6 Home Again (Live at the Outlaw Roadshow Sessions, 2014)

Last American Band

Last American Band
Download Includes:

Livin’ In The World
Down At The Heel
Try All You Want
Mountain Man
Mean Ol’ Woman
All In The Family
Mud Money
Grave Digger
Big Talk
Learning How To Let Go